Re: [xslt] position() and apply-templates creating a copy

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Daniel Veillard wrote:

> [ is not the best place for asking XSLT syntax and processing
>   help, there is more qualified lists for this especially the XSL list
>   at mulberry (pointers from, Daniel ]

Sorry, I wasn't aware of this, and the results were so surprising to me
that I even tought it may be a libxslt bug.

>   foo elements are processed by the template when called by the
> implicit <xsl:apply-templates/> at the root element. The current
> node list for the processing are the children of the root node, i.e.:
>    Text - foo - text - foo - text - foo -text

Thanks for all the explanation. It turned out that xsl:number is what I
really need, instead of position() -- thanks to Ankh for pointing it out
to me.


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