Re: [xslt] template breakpoint complexity, release of xsldbg-0.6.4


I've applied Daniel's patch to xsldbg. Oops sorry
for the mispellling in the cvs log entries :) .
The /xsldb/TODO has been updated so have a look
and let me know what you think 

So much for my plan of a quite week for me on the
xslt email list. 

I'd be interested another person joining
development of xsldbg. Its breakpoint code (which
is the heart of the program)will eventually be
merged into  
libxslt but for the momement its separate. So
you'd effectively be working on libxslt code. :) 

Daniel : 
 refering the problem with apply a patch in

I'm working on a Sun workstation at the moment its
version of patch didn't like your patch. Two out
of the 3 diff chunks failed to apply correctly
(both diffs). Maybe there an issue
with diff/patch versions ie maybe we should
workout which versions work together?



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