Re: [xslt] timing diffs for non-gettimeofday use

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 07:08:16PM +0000, Justin Fletcher wrote:
> At present I have only applied these changes to the xsltproc, but intend
> to implement them in the libxml2 tools. Before I do that, I felt it better
> to check that these were suitable and that I am not making assumptions
> about other systems.

  This looks okay in principle. I dislike the use of varargs in general
because it's a PITA from a portability point of view, I also had to
correct a couple of errors and a const lacking.

> The diffs are, I believe, the minimum required for the changes. I do not
> believe I have left any RISC OS specific code in there.

  I have tried to apply the patches, doesn't work, they are malformed,
even after trying to tweak various things the best I could get is
only 2 hunks which applied correctly.
  Can't you get acces to a machine generating correct patches, I should
not have to spend 30mn to try to apply a patch touching a single file.
Or it's the mailer which corrupts them, but it's really not something fun
to deal with. 

  Anyway, it's applied. Thanks,


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