Re: [xslt] Error xpath.c:7416: Invalid type

Le 13/07/01 17:36:45, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :
>  > And you are using a result value tree as the input for further
>  > processing without doing an explicit cast to a node-set
>  > (libxslt:node-set() for example).
> xmlXPathRunEval: function node-set bound to undefined prefix libxslt
> what is the namespace for "libxslt", please?

Have a look at libxslt/extras.h

> any chance you could add support for exsl:node-set()?

I'm working on it, should be committed soon.

Please notice that saxon:node-set(), xt:node-set() and libxslt:node-set()
don't work the same as exsl:node-set(). The later accepts a node-set as
argument whereas the formers only want result tree values (at least in
their libxslt implementation)


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