Re: [xslt] Cloning xsltStylesheet structures

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 10:48:50AM +0100, Eric van der Vlist wrote:
> >   The documents are the *stylesheet* documents. The variables are
> > the global variables *declarations* not instances. 
> I think I get it. Forgive me but I haven't been using C for 10 years and 
> am rather biased by Java!
> Do you mean that it's only when we call xsltApplyStylesheet that the 
> instance is created from the information of xsltStylesheetPtr?
> In this case, you are doing the equivalent of my clone in Java at this 
> time and you've already implemented what I was asking for!

  Ah, okay. Well an xsltStylesheetPtr is a compiled form of a stylesheet
(with the include and import, etc... sorted out).
  Then each transformation builds an xsltTransformContextPtr which is the
set of data used at run-time by a single transformation. It's created
by xsltNewTransformContext() using a precompiled stylesheet and a parsed
XML document to be used as the instance for the transformation.

> It will probably take be some time to get at the stage where I can 
> submit patches ;=) ...

  I tried to describe libxslt processing, this should help :-)

> For bug reports, I have already submitted a 
> couple but can't submit new ones untill I find actual bugs!

  Okay, :-)


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