Re: [xml] Resuming maintenance

On 11/01/2022 11:38, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  So you want to reintegrate libxml2 within the GNOME framework ? TBH
now that I have very limited bandwidth that's probably the right thing
to do.

I didn't mean the GNOME desktop environment itself, but the infrastructure that the GNOME Foundation offers. Mostly the GitLab instance which could be used to create and distribute releases and the GitLab Wiki which could be used for documentation.

It seems like a historical accident that libxml2 ended up under the GNOME umbrella, but why shouldn't we use the features we are offered? It certainly makes collaboration easier than maintaining your own website. It's also nice to have a self-hosted platform compared to something like GitHub.

  Happy to help you any steps you may need to take over,

For now, it's enough to receive some formal blessing from you to start making releases on my own.


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