Re: [xml] Resuming maintenance

On 10/01/2022 16:51, Stefan de Konink wrote:
This is great news, thanks Google for acknowledging the importance of maintaining core open source products. Your previous improvements on XSD validation made a great difference, but from my prototype in Python (LXML) I assume that multithreaded constraint validation and a more efficient way of storage would gain additional performance on files larger than 500MB. One may ask if no 'green fund' would be able to donate money on these type of improvements.

I didn't make any performance improvements to the XSD code personally. You're probably seeing improvements from the following commit which wasn't authored by me:

If you're seeing degraded performance on large documents, it's likely another issue with quadratic runtime. Fixing such issues algorithmically should typically yield much better results than trying to work around them with multi-threading.


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