Re: [xml] Release of libxml2 2.9.13

Nick Wellnhofer via xml schrieb am 20.02.22 um 13:53:
Version 2.9.13 of libxml2 is available at:

Thank you for the release, Nick!

Note that starting with this release, libxml2 tarballs are published on instead of

I noticed that they now use xz compression, whereas they were simply gzip compressed before. libxslt also changed the compression. That makes it more difficult to download them automatically, because scripts that want to list the available files now have to search for different file names. Also, Python 2.7 does not have built-in lzma compression support and needs an external module in order to handle it. (Both gz and bz2 have been supported essentially forever, OTOH.)

And it seems that xz is not considered safe for long-term storage by everyone:

Could you make the archives available in a (second) format that matches all (previous) releases? Apparently, both libxml2 and libxslt were made available with gz and bz2 compression before. Either of them would probably be fine. bz2 seems to compress equally well as xz here. (And compression speed, where bz2 suffers a bit, was never an issue for downloads anyway, just decompression speed, where all three are fine.)


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