Re: [xml] libxml HTTP download

On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 3:08 AM Laura Smith via xml <xml gnome org> wrote:

Would it be possible to see HTTP offered as a download option on the XMLSoft website 
( ?

Two of the major browser manufacturers have already announced they have/will be disabling FTP by default 
and will eventually remove FTP support altogether.

Its not clear why there is no HTTP option offered already since pretty much every other software repo in 
the world big and small offers it  ?

Just my observations... The HTTP use case is pretty much dead. It was
killed by the browsers in the Web Crypto working group several years
ago. I recall Netflix trying to make the case for HTTP. HTTP for
Netflix was a valid business use case. The Google folks just rolled
over Netflix. Google wanted nothing to do with the use case.

Command line tools, like cURL and Wget, support HTTP, but you are
going to find hostility towards HTTP in the browsers.


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