[xml] Fix character column number of XML parse error on line with closing tag of element with namespace preceding it


I am using libxml2 in my application.

I think xmlTextReaderGetParserColumnNumber returns the wrong column number in certain cases.

I traced the code and I have a suggested fix in libxml_parser.patch.

I have attached an XML file which shows the error (i_Dialogs_it.sdlxliff).

I also modified xmllint a little bit to be able to show the error using that tool.

That modification is in patch (libxml_error.patch)


      xmllint i_Dialogs_it.sdlxliff

should return
      file:i_Dialogs_it.sdlxliff:3:18: parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 4 ...

but the original code returns column 13.

Can you verify the fix and integrate it if you agree.

I just joined this mailing list. Please advise me if there is a better way of reporting these issues.



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