[xml] encoding

Hi all,

Am having problems with encoding and conversion.

When I try this example as is:
I get this output:
| conversion wasn't successful.
and when I change from "ISO-8859-1" to "CP850" (which is what I want to use), it seg faults.

I assume the problem is that libxml cannot find iconv. Am using Ubuntu 16.04, and iconv is available.

Shouldn't the call to "xmlFindCharEncodingHandler" fail instead of doing the conversion wrong and/or seg-faulting?

Is there some initialisation function for libxml to tell it to use iconv?

I have not compiled or installed either libxml or iconv manually, just via the ubuntu installer.

(Have spent some hours at xmlsoft.org/docs.html, looked through the last year or so on the mailing list, checked stackoverflow, but I guess I am missing something that is too obvious to document properly.)


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