Re: [xml] [Patch] - Makefile modification for zOS porting


the simplest was to add a README specific to the platform

with your description and the patch,



On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 06:48:53AM +0000, Stéphane Michaut wrote:
Here is the diff -u of with the changes I had to make in order to make it works on zOs. See 
Makefile-modif.txt for explanation.

I also need an extra option in configure for C compile, but I don't know how to modify or 
configure files to take it into account, so I change Makefile directly!

The original generated Makefile had


I need a 'compile-dll' option that generate this line

CFLAGS = -g -W c,exportall -W c,dll



- since testapi.c file is huge (over 52000 lines), it's compilation fails: I skipped the problem by 
removing all references to testapi in the, 
  but it would be neater if one can build without test files (I didn't find an option in configure...)

- since the name of files (or qualifier) in PDS are limited to 8 I had to rename xmlschemas.c and 
xmlschemastypes.c in (resp.) xmlsche.c xmlschet.c 
  (and I had to modify all occurences of these files accordingly in the rest of the Makefile !!!). 

- in order to copy objects to PDS, I had the cp command at line 860 of $(libxml2_la_OBJECTS) $(libxml2_la_DEPENDENCIES)
        $(AM_V_CCLD)$(libxml2_la_LINK) -rpath $(libdir) $(libxml2_la_OBJECTS) $(libxml2_la_LIBADD) $(LIBS)
        # Copy objects to PDS
        @list='$(libxml2_OBJECTS)' ; for p in $$list; do \
          cp -ACMv $$p "//'<PDS NAME>'"; \

      with <PDS NAME> stands for the name of my PDS and
libxml2_OBJECTS = SAX.o entities.o encoding.o error.o \
      parserInternals.o parser.o tree.o hash.o list.o xmlIO.o \
      xmlmemory.o uri.o valid.o xlink.o HTMLparser.o \
      HTMLtree.o debugXML.o xpath.o xpointer.o xinclude.o \
      nanohttp.o nanoftp.o triostr.o trio.o catalog.o globals.o \
      threads.o c14n.o xmlstring.o buf.o xmlregexp.o \
      xmlsche.o xmlschet.o xmlunicode.o \
      xmlreader.o relaxng.o dict.o SAX2.o \
      xmlwriter.o legacy.o chvalid.o pattern.o xmlsave.o \
      xmlmodule.o schematron.o xzlib.o 

In order to handle the support of zOS without breaking the existing Makefile maybe a new option/flag zOs 
would copy xmlschemas.c and xmlschemastypes.c files and use specifics 
targets rather than existing ones with the longer names... A variable to handle the PDS name has to be 
provided also...

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