[xml] Issue with UTF8Toisolat1



I try to read an XML file which contains properly UTF-8 formatted character from French accented character (È for ‘È’).

Since I used isolat1ToUTF8 to write this character to xml file, I though I simply have to use UTF8Toisolat1 when reading the file in order to retrieve my French character ‘È’.


But it doesn’t work well : I am getting a \310 char when I display the string out of  UTF8Toisolat1 (all non special characters are well retrieved yet).


I read the XML file using

  xmlTextReaderPrt reader = xmlReaderForFile(szXMLFileName, "UTF-8", 0);


and parsing it with

  nRetLect = xmlTextReaderRead(reader);


Since the internal encoding in Libxml is UTF8, all I have to do is to convert what I get from the reader in ISO-8859-1 and that’s it!

Am should do something wrong, but what ? (Libxml version 2.6.7 on AIX)


Any help appreciated,



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