Re: [xml] VC10\config.h and include\win32config.h

On Mon, Mar 07, 2016 at 02:15:28PM -0800, Peter Kasting wrote:
I echo Bruce's request for a single upstream Windows config file.  It looks
like include/win32config.h is older; win32/VC10/config.h seems to have only
its initial addition in its log.  It looks like that addition happened here:

This seems to have been a convenience for (see , "This is a different
and more convenient approach to libxml2 usage, than the nmake approach"),
but it's not clear to me that libxml wants to do this sort of thing.  In , Daniel notes "Adding
a VC10 subdir under win32 is a bit heavy, I hope there won't be a new one
for each new version of the Microsoft tools."  Those fears seem to me to be
somewhat confirmed; because Microsoft has changed things about the project
format, I believe the .vcxproj files in this directory wouldn't serve
directly for all later versions of MSVC.  So this is really a "Visual
Studio 2010 only" directory.


To me, this whole directory should be nuked, and include/win32config.h
updated (see my notes below).  People using this directory should either
carry their own project/build files (as Chromium does) or use the existing
nmake method. libxml2 shouldn't be responsible for carrying this sort of
thing, especially when it's for one version of one compiler on one platform.

  I never use Windows, so really can't comment on the *right* approach there

Another possibility is for this directory to remain, and further
directories be added for other MSVC versions (which seems unappealing).

  instead of having code rot in one directory we would have multiple
version rotting in multiple directories, unappealing indeed !

In any case, I think win32config.h should be updated; see below for my
responses to Bruce's comments about the differences between the configs.

  Sure, if people who are using the Windows platform could comment
I will follow what people suggest, 

    so feedback welcome !


On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 1:47 PM, Bruce Dawson <brucedawson google com> wrote:


I believe this line is correct for MSVC 2010+.  If libxml doesn't support
anything earlier, then that line should be in win32config.h as-is.
Otherwise, it should probably be in but with an appropriate _MSC_VER check.

#define SEND_ARG2_CAST

I think these must be defined if nano{http,ftp}.* are built.  If these are
ever built on Windows, win32config.h should include these lines.


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