[xml] Release of libvirt-2.9.3

  This is a security release, I didn't tried to push a number of other
patches considering urgency.

  That release is dedicated to the memory of Bill Brack who was my
co-maintainer for many years on libxml2 and libxslt, we became friends,
he has a huge influence still on way I do things. Unfortunately he passed
away last February. I'm sure he would have commented that celebrating
his legacy with a release with so many CVE would be a tribute to his
programming skills, because he always approached life with a sense of
humor. RIP Bill, the code still lives but OpenSource is more about
people than code !

  So yes that release is packed with Security and ugly bugs fixes,
more than overall improvements, I have put signed tarballs and rpms
to the usual place at 


 Update is strongly suggested !

- CVE-2015-8242 Buffer overead with HTML parser in push mode (Hugh Davenport)
- CVE-2015-7500 Fix memory access error due to incorrect entities boundaries (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-7499-2 Detect incoherency on GROW (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-7499-1 Add xmlHaltParser() to stop the parser (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-5312 Another entity expansion issue (David Drysdale)
- CVE-2015-7497 Avoid an heap buffer overflow in xmlDictComputeFastQKey (David Drysdale)
- CVE-2015-7498 Avoid processing entities after encoding conversion failures (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-8035 Fix XZ compression support loop (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-7942-2 Fix an error in previous Conditional section patch (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-7942 Another variation of overflow in Conditional sections (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-1819 Enforce the reader to run in constant memory (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-7941_2 Cleanup conditional section error handling (Daniel Veillard)
- CVE-2015-7941_1 Stop parsing on entities boundaries errors (Daniel Veillard)

- Correct spelling of "calling" (Alex Henrie)
- Fix a small error in xmllint --format description (Fabien Degomme)
- Avoid XSS on the search of xmlsoft.org (Daniel Veillard)

- threads: use forward declarations only for glibc (Michael Heimpold)
- Update Win32 configure.js to search for configure.ac (Daniel Veillard)
- os400: lot of docs fixes and mprovements (Patrick Monnerat)

Bug Fixes:
- Bug on creating new stream from entity (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix some loop issues embedding NEXT (Daniel Veillard)
- Do not print error context when there is none (Daniel Veillard)
- Avoid extra processing of MarkupDecl when EOF (Hugh Davenport)
- Fix parsing short unclosed comment uninitialized access (Daniel Veillard)
- Add missing Null check in xmlParseExternalEntityPrivate (Gaurav Gupta)
- Fix a bug in CData error handling in the push parser (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix a bug on name parsing at the end of current input buffer (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix the spurious ID already defined error (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix previous change to node sort order (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix a self assignment issue raised by clang (Scott Graham)
- Fail parsing early on if encoding conversion failed (Daniel Veillard)
- Do not process encoding values if the declaration if broken (Daniel Veillard)
- Silence clang's -Wunknown-attribute (Michael Catanzaro)
- xmlMemUsed is not thread-safe (Martin von Gagern)
- Fix support for except in nameclasses (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix order of root nodes (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Allow attributes on descendant-or-self axis (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix the fix to Windows locking (Steve Nairn)
- Fix timsort invariant loop re: Envisage article (Christopher Swenson)
- Don't add IDs in xmlSetTreeDoc (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Account for ID attributes in xmlSetTreeDoc (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove various unused value assignments (Philip Withnall)
- Fix missing entities after CVE-2014-3660 fix (Daniel Veillard)
- Revert "Missing initialization for the catalog module" (Daniel Veillard)

- Reuse xmlHaltParser() where it makes sense (Daniel Veillard)
- Add xmlHaltParser() to stop the parser (Daniel Veillard)
- xmlStopParser reset errNo (Daniel Veillard)
- Reenable xz support by default (Daniel Veillard)
- Recover unescaped less-than character in HTML recovery parsing (Daniel Veillard)
- Allow HTML serializer to output HTML5 DOCTYPE (Shaun McCance)
- Regression test for bug #695699 (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add a couple of XPath tests (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add Python 3 rpm subpackage (Tomas Radej)
- libxml2-config.cmake.in: update include directories (Samuel Martin)
- Adding example from bugs 738805 to regression tests (Daniel Veillard)

  Thanks everybody for contributions to this release,
I know there is a lot of other non-security oriented patches floating
around, now that is mostly off my back, I will start looking at
those. Reminders on the list may be helpful !


Daniel Veillard      | Open Source and Standards, Red Hat
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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