Re: [xml] Strange 0x0a char popping in generated XML

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 12:30:01PM +0000, Jean-Philippe Jacoupy wrote:

I'm using libxml2 and I have a strange behaviour. 

I'm creating a full document in memory (using xmlTextWriter with a xmlBuffer). 

I have called xmlTextWriterSetIndent with 0 as parameter. 

Whenever I get the buffer content (once I have called
xmlTextWriterEndDocument) I get strange 0x0a inserted: 
 - 1 after the xml header
 - 1 after the end of the xml document

  It's not strange, that a new line character, which is present
as non-significant white space and will be ignored by XML parsers
and hence the whole tool chain consuming the output.


I'm under Windows compiling with VS2008 against LibXML2 version 2.7.2

- As I searched the code of the libxml2, at the end of the
xmlTextWriterStartDocument function I have found this: 

count = xmlOutputBufferWriteString(writer->out, "?>\n"); (L. 617)

Shouldn't the '\n' be prefixed by a if (writer->indent) ? 

 - Found the other one in xmlTextWriterEndDocument I have found: 

if (!writer->indent) { (L. 701)

instead of 

if (writer->indent) {

as done in all the file. 

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