[xml] Why does XML::LibXSLT (= the Perl 5 / CPAN wrappers for libxslt) Fails a Basic Test on some BSD and other systems?

Hi all,

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after I added a test to the XML::LibXSLT test suite to check for the successful
run of a Perl XSLT stylesheet I wrote, I've been getting many CPAN Testers


While most Linux systems work fine, I've been getting many failures from BSD
systems. The longer story is that this test script was a port of part of a test
of a dependent CPAN package that's been getting testing failures after it was
attempted to be installed after a successful testing and installation of
XML::LibXSLT (whose test coverage was and probably still is incomplete).

You can find the offending test here:


(just note it uses some external files specified in the $input_fn and $xslt_fn

Now someone I talked with said that libxslt and/or libxml2 were incompatible
with clang/LLVM (and possibly other non-GCC compilers). If that's true, is it
a known issue? Is it ultimately a bug of clang/LLVM? Or alternatively, is it a
dependency on a non-standard GCCist behaviour in libxslt and libxml2? Is the
problem with the Perl bindings?

Please enlighten me.


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