[xml] Global error (xmlLastError) not cleaned up if xmlCleanupParser() is called on a different thread!

Hi all!

It would appear that when you have a scenario like this

+ + + +
// Thread 1:
// ...
// anything that sets the last error, e.g.:
xmlReadFile("file isn't there", NULL, XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS);    

// Thread 2:
+ + + +

even if (in Thread_2) you correctly call xmlCleanupParser() (once) at the very end and don't do anything with libxml2 afterwards, the global error will be leaked.

(I also tried with the latest Windows binaries I could find -- 2.9.1 -- same problem.)

Is this a known problem? Any fix for this?

Note the workaround for me is to call xmlResetLastError() after processing any error received from libxml, in which case the global last error is immediately cleaned up.


p.s.: Why would anyone do this?:
* Once scenario is when DLL's are loaded/unloaded dynamically.
* Where I actually hit this is we have a .NET/C# application that loads a C++ module that contains a global initialization object for libxml2 that does init and cleanup. In a managed application, destructors of global objects are not necessarily executed on the same thread as their constructors.

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