[xml] save and load binary data


this sample code:
xmlDocPtr doc = xmlNewDoc((xmlChar*) "1.0");
xmlNodePtr root = xmlNewNode(NULL,(xmlChar*) "myxmldoc");
xmlDocSetRootElement(doc, root);
xmlNewTextChild(root, NULL, (xmlChar*)"mynode", (xmlChar*)"A text with signs \016 and & and < and >.");

xmlSaveCtxtPtr ctxt = xmlSaveToFilename ("mypath/myfile.xml", "UTF-8", XML_SAVE_FORMAT| XML_SAVE_AS_XML);
xmlSaveDoc(ctxt, doc);

leads to this xml file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <mynode> A text with signs  and &amp; and &lt; and &gt;. </mynode>

Between "signs " and " and" is the \016 (or 0x0e) byte. The hexdump -Cv shows it:
... 73 20 0e 20 61 ...

Now I try to read this file:

doc = xmlReadFile("mypath/myfile.xml", NULL, 0);

This leads to this message:
mypath/myfilexml:3: parser error : xmlParseCharRef: invalid xmlChar value 14
  <mynode> A text with signs and &amp; and &lt; and &gt;. </mynode>

My problem is: The xml2-library accepts in the API bytes without error and it saves these data, but reject 
them on loading. :-(

In my point of view it would be better if the behavior would be the similar in loading and API-calls. Or is 
there a special reason for this different behavior.

kind regards

Andreas Schigold

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