[xml] Get text content of an element which surrounds another element

I would like to take the text content of <h1> element in the example below:

<h1>Image follows<img id="rId51" src="" alt="WikiHow Logo" smilref="speechgen0002.smil#tcp7" />after imge</h1>

I am using xmlTextReader, but I can get only the text before the image. Here is the basic code I use:

    while (1 == xmlTextReaderRead(reader)) {
        switch (xmlTextReaderNodeType(reader)) {
            case XML_READER_TYPE_ELEMENT:
            name = xmlTextReaderConstName(reader);
            if (NULL != name) {
                cout << "Name: " << (const char*)name << endl;
            node = xmlTextReaderCurrentNode(reader);
            if (1 == xmlTextReaderHasAttributes(reader)) {
                if (NULL != node) {
                    xmlAttr* attr = node->properties;
                    while (attr) {
                        cout << (const char*)attr->name << " = " << (const char*)attr->children->content << endl;
                        attr = attr->next;
                } else {
                    cout << "NULL node with attrs" << endl;
            case XML_READER_TYPE_TEXT:
            if (NULL != node && (NULL != node->children) && (NULL != node->children->content)) {
              cout << "Content: " << (const char*)node->children->content << endl;

First, I am puzzled by the way I can obtain the text contained by h1 element. I am using the node from a previous xmlTextReaderRead() call. If I try to obtain the current node in XML_READER_TYPE_TEXT case the node pointer is NULL.

Second, I don't know how to obtain the text after <img> element which still belongs to <h1> element. s there a way to do so ?


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