Re: [xml] C++11 binding for libxml

Daniel Veillard writes:

  Interesting. Though it seems that it's not very common to have
reader/writer accesses by applications on a document. Usually it's
either data gathering, and exclusively document read/xpath etc... or
their serializer counter part and then the whole document is saved
as with the xmlWriter. Case where an XML document is both read and
written concurrently aren't that common, usually the data is converted
to an internal structure and then read/write patterns happen, and in
the end a serialization.

I can see an argument for employing an XML document as the "model" part of the "model/view/controller" design pattern. Everything has to be kept, pretty much, as character strings, so memory requirements would be a bit more than usual. But, in situations that do not involve a lot of data, and with performance not a factor either, this would be quite a doable approach.

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