[xml] Adjacent text node merging

I think it's more a question for Daniel, but any help is welcome of course. Libxml2 merges text nodes to a single node when you add text child next to existing text node for example, so at least xmlAddNextSibling, xmlAddPrevSibling and xmlAddChild are doing that. For a project I'm using libxml2 I want all nodes to be preserved as I add them, so for example I can edit text content of particular text node in children list. The question is what could or will potentially break if I'll use my own versions of these tree manipulation calls that do not perform such merging? e.g. does a lib really expect to have only one text node with no text siblings somewhere in the code, or maybe libxslt does?

P.S. attached patch is just to fix a compiler warning I'm seeing with current git builds, obviously completely unrelated to this topic.

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