Re: [xml] possible bug with '<xs:pattern value="[^\r\n\f]*" />' ?

* dave c wrote:
I'm creating an app that will be used to author a UIRibbon binary. The 
ribbon source is written in standard XML and validated against a 
microsoft schema. The schema works well with msxml but I'd prefer to use 
libxml if I can. However the schema fails to parse when using 
xmlSchemaParse, it fails at '<xs:pattern value="[^\r\n\f]*" />' with an 
error saying that its not a valid pattern. If I remove the \f control 
code it parses ok.

The form feed control character is not allowed in XML and wasn't allowed
in XML Schema regular expressions either last I checked. I've asked the
relevant Working Groups to address that problem, but they could not be
bothered to do anything about this problem. Certainly, `\f` is not here:
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