Re: [xml] 2.9.0 performance regression

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 10:35:17AM +0800, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Well that's a switch to new buffer structures which should be 64bit
clean, the only extra processing would be related to the UPDATE_COMPAT
and CHECK_COMPAT macros used on entry and exit of the new buffer calls
to ensure ABI compatibility with the old buffers. One way to test if
this is indeed the case would be to comment off
at the top of buf.c and recheck, can you do that and report ?

This extra processing causes about a 6% performance regression.

w/  WITH_BUFFER_COMPAT: 200903.4 +/- 149.1469 (5 Runs)
w/o WITH_BUFFER_COMPAT: 188117.0 +/- 354.6548 (5 Runs)

Same setup as before.


Jim Kukunas
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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