Re: [xml] Dramatic performance gains with Libxml

On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 12:50:23PM -0500, Ramon F Herrera wrote:

Hello all:

I am glad to report that after I replaced my previous XPath code
with libxml2, my application is running faster. In fact, the
"Dramatic performance gains" is an *understatement*. This result is
from one of my many test cases:

Processing with with Xerces + XQilla: 12 minutes
Processing time with libxml:           3 seconds

  Heh, thanks for the feedback, but is that really an apple to apple
comparison, I'm suspicious ;-) But suffice to hit a quadratic behaviour
somewhere on one code path for a bad performance like this.

Additionally, coding under libxml is much easier and straightforward.

  Considering the near complete lack of documentation and books that's
a very good point :-)

Congratulations and thanks to all involved!

  Thanks ! Just by curiosity, what version of libxml2, is the data large
and what platform are you using ?


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