Re: [xml] MSYS and MINGW: undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree

On 16/11/2012 22:20, Roumen Petrov wrote:
Unfortunately I have no idea why this issue appear again.
I could build just fine all libraries required by xmlsec in my cross environment (linux -> mingw host).

Probably compiler found old headers instead those from source. Please check with a monitoring tool headers loaded during build process.

My build environment is quite similar to you - each package is build and installed in separate directory. I'm sure that in my environment each build use correct headers and libraries.

With configure command  --build==.... and --host=..., you trigger cross-compilation. Try without.


Thank you! Dropping the --build and --host flags to ./configure seems to have got me a clean build! Doing "make check" reports only 10 errors over 2,874 tests - all of them from ./test/ebcdic_566012.xml. I suspect that constitutes a near-total win!  :-)

Now onwards and upwards to build libxslt, then xmlsec itself!


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