Re: [xml] The issue around LoadLibrary on Windows

I strongly believe that LoadLibraryW should be used for any Windows
version that supports it.

The SQLite OS layer for Win32 shows how this can be done. It converts
UTF-8 to wchar_t* before calling the appropriate function Windows ...W

The code is in the public domain. Here is the link to the current version:


On 23.05.2012 11:41, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  C.f. the bug Fix windows unicode build

and the previous discussions here:

now that the release is done, can we have a final decision on this.
As I understand it, LoadLibraryW takes a wchar_t* parameter, while
internally we are using only a char * (or xmlChar *) so it makes
no sense to try to call LoadLibraryW, and instead of using the
macro LoadLibrary which can only break build, calling LoadLibraryA
seems to be the simplest.
But I'm not a Windows user, and know close to nothing to the platform
so I suggest we reopen that debate, or just agree on fixing this.

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