Re: [xml] [patch] Fix a compiler warning in xmlschemastypes.c

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 02:26:28PM -0800, Nico Weber wrote:

the attached patch fixes the following warning in libxml:

[1902/9563] CC obj/third_party/libxml/src/libxml.xmlschemastypes.o
../../third_party/libxml/src/xmlschemastypes.c:5188:12: warning: case
value not in enumerated type '' [-Wswitch]
            case XML_SCHEMAS_NOTATION:
../../third_party/libxml/src/xmlschemastypes.c:5183:11: warning: case
value not in enumerated type '' [-Wswitch]
            case XML_SCHEMAS_ANYURI:
2 warnings generated.

valType has type xmlSchemaTypeType, but all the enums listed in the
switch are in xmlSchemaValType. It looks like the right fix is to just
fix the function interface.

  For the record, that's fixed in git (probably since 2.8.0 :-)

   thanks !


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