Re: [xml] Omitting subtrees while parsing

I am curious why the momentary use of memory matters so much?

You have the source code.  Change it.  I do that for a few little things and have a way of documenting them so that I can put them into new releases.  One of them is the error handling many people have asked for.  If people want I can submit my changes to add to the release.  All I did is change the error function to a pointer to a function pointed to the existing error handler.  In my programs I simply change the pointer to my error handler and it is done.

If you need help doing it, I can help with more information.


On 8/15/2012 5:58 AM, John J. Boyer wrote:
In my library, liblouisutdml, I wish to parse an xml document and omit 
certain subtrees during the parsing process tather than deleting them 
afterwards. Is this possible? It could save a lot of memory.



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