Re: [xml] Valgrind problems with xmlParseFile

--On 16 August 2012 12:08:03 -0700 "Eric S. Eberhard" <eric vicsmba com> wrote:

By standard distribution do you mean that other people might use your
library with other applications?

I mean our application uses libxml2 which uses libz, and needs to
run on a standard Ubuntu (as it happens) distro. So, to work around
this in the way you suggest, I'd need to compile a special libxml2
and ensure we either static linked to it, or it was in a different
place (as you suggest), build it into an appropriate .deb package,
and then I'd have to have some process for importing security
fixes, and all the other inter-release changes into that tree,
add this to our build system, unit tests etc.

Alternatively, zlib could fix their issue, which is clearly the
best route, but Daniel appears to be meeting some resistance which
doesn't totally surprise me.

Failing that, if there were a runtime tweak to disable each of the
various handlers, that would be good enough. In fact it might even
be better, as I know for certain that the one xml file this particular
thing reads is never compressed.

Alex Bligh

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