Re: [xml] libxml2-2.7.8 and MinGW

Earnie wrote:
Earnie wrote:
I've been building libxml2-2.7.8 and have been having a heck of a
time getting xmlcatalog to work with a shared DLL library. I've
finally confirmed that the issue is caused by optimizations with -O2
or -O1. If I use -O0 the issue goes away. The effect is the
xmlIsPubidChar_tab array is seen by xmlcatalog to contain all 0x00
values. I'm using GCC-4.6.1 and binutils- as
delivered by MinGW. I wanted give this list a report of what I've
found in the event others come by, they may have already.
hmm ,

Look like regression  as it is fine with me for gcc/binutils:
-  3.4.5/2.17.50 20070129
-  4.4.0/2.19.1

The attached small patch resolves this issue.

It was however suggested that XMLPUBVAR_DEF be created for the
'__declspec(dllexport) extern' and XMLPUBVAR_DEF be used in the header
fiel while XMLPUBVAR be used in the code.  Since XMLPUBVAR isn't used in
the code I chose the simpler patch.  The patch also removes some
warnings I was seeing during the build.

Please post at least one for information.


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