Re: [xml] i'm here to contribute

Hi Stefan,

Am Montag, 31. Oktober 2011, 23:48:54 schrieb Stefan Sauer:

One thing that would be super cool would be multi-threaded xslt
processing (e.g. for chunked document output). Unfortunately again, this
is not trivial at all. But any speedup for xslt processing would be
great. The docbook xml -> html step in gtk-doc is so slow that most
developers to api-doc generation off still :/

I've learned some days ago that Saxon9 has already thread support. With the 
new DocBook stylesheets written in XSLT2.0, it is pretty fast. (Note: these 
are work in progress.)

Yes, it would be super-cool to have that in xsltproc as well. Especially as 
the trend goes from XSLT1.0 to XSLT2.0. However, I know, this is not trivial 
at all.

  Thomas Schraitle

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