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I believe I'm able to answer my own questions:

1. Use xmlGetNodePath to build the node path instead of rolling a custom
2. There is no need to return a copy of a node retrieved by an XPath
evaluation - node pointers returned by the query point to the actual node
memory in the tree. These nodes do not become invalid when the query object
or context are freed. 

- Paul

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Thank you for your reply, Daniel. Putting the namespace issue aside (I can
work around this, as you suggest), I do have another related question. It is
probably a bit naïve, so please bear with me. 

To implement something similar to SelectSingleNode, I am taking an input
xmlNodePtr (element) and using it to build an XPath expression using the
parent\child link, i.e. so the result is something like
"\root\child\grandchild". I pass this to xmlXPathEvalExpression, retrieve
the node I want and return a copy of that node using xmlCopyNode. 

However, since xmlCopyNode does not populate the parent member of the copy I
can't use it in future calls to SelectSingleNode, because it won't be able
to generate the XPath expression properly. 

I assume it is not wise to simply populate the parent member of the copy
using the original node that was passed into my function. Is there a way to
'find' the DOM node that matches a node returned by an XPath query? Am I
going about the whole thing wrong?

- Paul

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