Re: [xml] XSD Validation succeeds with xmllint but fails with libxml2, how do I fix this?

Well, then I suppose my version (2.7.3; Jan 2009) has a bug.
On a related note: Apple get your damn OSS libs up-to-date already!

I just checked the libxml release notes and found two candidates:

Update 2.7.4 lists the following bug fix: "579746 XSD validation not correct / nilable groups (Daniel Veillard)"
Update 2.7.8 lists the following bug fix: "Fix errors in XSD double validation check (Csaba Raduly)"

Will try again with the latest build.

Thanks for your help, Rémi!

Ps: Oh and thanks for the leak. :)

On Jun 9, 2011, at 1:35 PM, Remi Gacogne wrote:


> …strangely enough, this makes no difference for the outcome for me. :(
> Console output remains the same, bit by bit.

Well, it works for me:

Validation successful: YES (result: 0)

By the way, you are leaking xmlDocumentPointer ;)

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