Re: [xml] Trying to make libxml2 for arm (TI DaVinci)


Thanks for the info.  (Please excuse me if I'm not replying in the proper
manner.  I haven't used a mail list in 20+ years!)

I'm still utterly confused...

Please assist me further with exact values to provide.  I have figured out
this evening to do "./configure --host HOST --build BUILD --target
TARGET", and so with your help I now know in general what to use for
HOST=BUILD and TARGET.  However, I still don't know the exact values.

HOST=BUILD: On my Ubuntu/VMWare/WindowsXP system, I find /usr/bin/gcc that
I believe builds for this machine.  When I provide no --host at all, it
finds this one.  But looking at the configure file, I think I must provide
a --host AND --build in order to cause cross_compile=yes.

TARGET: I also find /opt/arm-2009q1/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/bin/gcc which I
know compiles for my target.  However, inside the configure file I see it
really wants to but a dash in there.

Note also I saw configure searching $PATH, so I prefixed it with
/opt/arm-2009q1/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/bin.  This helps it find the
cross-compiler, but I believe at a time when it wants to compile a program
to run on the host (or build machine), not the target.

Thanks *VERY* much,

On Fri, 2011-02-04 at 16:16 -0500, Helmut Forren wrote:
When I also try to add --host, I don't know what value to provide.  I'm
not sure if "host" refers to my target (arm processor) or the machine
compiling from (Ubuntu).  I would think I need to specify --target and not
--host.  I'm just totally confused!

There are three "players" when you are cross-compiling:

HOST - that's the machine that is doing the initial compile of the tools.
BUILD - that is the machine that will be using the tools to make the
TARGET - that is the machine that will be running the program.

So your host machine is the one you are doing the configure on, as is
the build machine. The target is the ARM.

Likely, in your case, host would be x86_64-linux-gnu or i386-linux-gnu.

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