Re: [xml] How to free memory allocated with xmlNewDocFragment() ?

* Alexandre Gouraud wrote:
I am working on gdome2 in cygwin. The test suite fail. I am stuck in the
debug somewhere with an invalid xmlFree() on a pointer allocated with

The libxml2 doc
( does
not says what should be used to de-allocate memory allocated by
xmlNewDocFragment(). Is xmlFree() the appropriate function to use in that
case ?

A DocumentFragment is a Node so xmlFreeNode would seem the right method.
As I recall, xmlFree() ~ free(), so it would not care about memory the
Node holds, if any. The result however would seem to be a leak, not an
invalid deallocation, unless libxml2 does not use xmlFree()-able memory
for the Node. Has the DocumentFragment been added to some other node?
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