Re: [xml] libxml2-2.7.8 and MinGW

Earnie wrote:
Roumen Petrov wrote:
Earnie wrote:
Earnie wrote:
Roumen Petrov wrote:
Earnie wrote:
About libxslt patch:
Changes in  libexslt/exsltexports.h and libxslt/xsltexports.h break
static only build.

How should that happen?  I'll check it out soon.

For static only build libxml configure script force XXX_STATIC defines.
I guess that same idea has to be implemented for libxslt.

Update in tests/plugins/testplugin.c is fine.  In addition for mingw*
hosts attached "0001-build-test-plugin-for-mingw-host.patch" is required :
   WIN32_EXTRA_LDFLAGS add no-undefined and this will allow plugin to be
build as shared library and test pass.

And this one.  Note -no-undefined is a libtool option while
--no-undefined is an ld option which is on by default for MinGW.

I mean libtool flag to allow  shared library build.


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