Re: [xml] libxml2 does xmlSchemaValidateDoc() support xml schema extensions?

Hi Piotr

One thing I would suggest is NOT releasing any of the resources
associated with the schema before validation (do that after, instead).

   //xmlSchemaFree(schema); causes crash when we try to use validCtxt

   int error = xmlSchemaValidateDoc(validCtxt.validCtxt, doc);       

   if (error == 0) {
       NSLog(@"document is a valid instance of %@", schemaFileName);
       ret = YES;

I'll try making the change you suggest. The reason I structured the code this way was that I am working on a 
transactional system with over 100 xsd files. I load the validCtxt and cache them as needed. I tried to free 
up all the unnecessary memory to keep my foot print as small as possible.



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