Re: [xml] Add new pretty-printing and sorting options for saving XML


On Tue, Oct 05, 2010 at 10:22:22PM +0100, Adam Spragg wrote:
  there is already an implementation in libxml of C14N

Oh, I missed that.

I figured the features I was looking for would be part of the "save" API,
given how it affects what gets saved. Or maybe the "tree" API for doing
things like adding implied attributes and re-ordering parts of the tree.

I didn't think of looking in the xmllint help as the best way of figuring
out what options would be available in the library.

In retrospect, reading the "API Menu" contents carefully, or googling for
"libxml c14n" should have been my first stop. Doh! :-)

  The main problem from my POV is you started developping those patches
apparently without fully understanding the current state of the art and
code, and unfortunately this looks like a lot of wasted efforts :-\

Well, the patches weren't that much work. Finding the odd couple of
contiguous hours here and there to sit down and do them was the hard part,
and I've had needed that to write up a readable proposal anyway. I figured
it would be better to produce a first draft of actual code which could be
discussed and batted back and forth, rather than starting with "wouldn't
it be great if..."

  I don't like to turn down contributions but in this case, I afraid it
would add more confusion than really improve the user experience.

Seriously, don't worry about it. I was absolutely expecting the first
version of the patch set to get rejected for one reason or another, maybe
with suggestions for improvement, maybe with "not a suitable feature for
this library". Obviously I wasn't expecting "this is already implemented",
but I can't think of a much better reason for rejection!



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