[xml] xmlFreeDoc crash

Hi! I'm noob with c and xml, but I really want to make libxml2 work with my program. I'm working with MVS 
2005 on WinXP Professional ServicePack 3.
I had created project in MVS 2005, tried to run io1.c. While Debugging in Release mod, using Multi-threaded 
DLL (/MD), it is crashing in xmlFreeDoc(doc) saying "Unhandled exception at 0x7c91b21a in Test_xml.exe: 
0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000010."
I've searched in mail archive on xmlsoft.org, learned a lot about runtime libs. But failed to solve my 
To implement libxml2 I downloaded "iconv-1.9.2.win32", "zlib-1.2.5", "libxml2-2.7.7.win32" from 
I think to make it more simple, I have to use in my MVS project the same runtime lib, which was used while 
compilation of "iconv-1.9.2.win32", "zlib-1.2.5", "libxml2-2.7.7.win32" packages. If I'm right, than I have 
Which version of MVS and on which Windows OS do I have to compile io1.c with downloaded lib packages?
If it is wrong question, than please write me which packages do I have to download to use it with MVS 2005 on 
WinXP Professional ServicePack 3?

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