Re: [xml] xmlFreeDoc() on iOS 4 - crashes

Hi Csaba,

Thanks X 1000 man!
It worked by doing xmlStrDup()! But I am just wondering why it would not
crash when running on iOS 3.2 or older.

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On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 9:54 PM, Chi Yin Luk  wrote:
I am using libxml2.2.7.3.dylib on my iPhone application.

The application is targeting iOS 3.2, but the xmlFreeDoc() fails when
application is running on iPhone 4, but not on iOS 3.2 or before.

I also tried targeting iOS 4 and running on iPhone 4, same problem

The problem is if I assign the encocoding of xmlDocPtr , then call
xmlFreeDoc to free the xmlDocPtr, it crashes with message:

"pointer being freed was not allocated"

The snippet of code as follow:

xmlDocPtr doc;
doc = xmlNewDoc((cost xmlChar*)XML_DEFAULT_VERSION);
doc->encoding ="utf-8";

xmlFreeDoc does a xmlFree on doc->encoding, but you set it to a string
which was not dynamically allocated. In effect, you are calling
xmlFree on the "utf-8" string literal. This is wrong. You need to do
at least this:

doc->encoding = xmlStrDup("utf-8");

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