[xml] xmlFreeDoc() on iOS 4 - crashes

I am using libxml2.2.7.3.dylib on my iPhone application.

The application is targeting iOS 3.2, but the xmlFreeDoc() fails when the application is running on iPhone 4, but not on iOS 3.2 or before.

I also tried targeting iOS 4 and running on iPhone 4, same problem exist.


The problem is if I assign the encocoding of xmlDocPtr , then call xmlFreeDoc to free the xmlDocPtr, it crashes with message:

pointer being freed was not allocated



The snippet of code as follow:


xmlDocPtr doc;


doc = xmlNewDoc((cost xmlChar*)XML_DEFAULT_VERSION);

doc->encoding =”utf-8”;




I free the document right after the creation of xmlDocPtr just to demonstrate the encoding is causing the problem.





Chi Yin Luk


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