Re: [xml] Problem with xmlReadFile on Windows and 0x10 characters


Like i said. I hadn't read the documentation that well. I read the chapters you
pointed out in the specification and now i understand how it works. It is a
difficult document to read and my way of writing 0x10 instead of #xA made my search
miss those chapters. So many thanks for all the help.


2010/6/23 Michael Ludwig <milu71 gmx de>
James Ytterstene schrieb am 23.06.2010 um 22:02 (+0200):

> The XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS fixed everyting and i could mix CR and CRLF in
> the file. But when i read about the option it say it fixes whitespace
> and not CRLF.

Don't know what you mean by "fixing" it, but along with space and tab,
CR and LF *are* whitespace. See chapter 2 of the XML spec, notably 2.2,
2.10 and 2.11.

Michael Ludwig
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