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Yes, I did that. I get an XML not well formed error if I do that.

Thanks for replying!

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Can't you load it as a binary resource and pass the binary array cast
to char * to libxml2 instead?

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 9:41 AM,  <Ramsundar_Govindaraj dell com> wrote:

 I know this issue might have been asked a thousand times over, but  I am
not able to resolve the issue. My situation is this.

1.       I have an xml file called b.xml whose encoding attribute is UTF-16.
(attached along with this email)

2.       I embed this file as a resource into my visual studio project.

3.       When the project starts up, I read this file into a variable and
need to pass it to Libxml2 to parse. How do I accomplish it?

The problems:

1.       I cannot read the file into a char* as this file contains  wide
characters. So I load them on to a wstring.  After which I realized  Libxml2
constraints of not allowing wchar strings. So I am trying to convert my
wchar* to char* .

2.       Again I have 2 options here : either bad cast it or use
WidetoMultiByte to convert to char*. I did both of them.

3.       After this,  I called XmlReadMemory API in which I understand I can
specify the encoding. I  gave NULL and UTF-16 in 2 separate attempts.

4.       At the end of it, I cannot correctly parse and I get a NULL
xmlDocPtr. Any ideas on how should I go about solving this?



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