[xml] new xpointer() data

Hi all,

I realize that XPointer's xpointer() scheme is far from the primary
focus of this community (although libxml2 is the only free-standing tool
that has at least a bit of support for this scheme, so I gladly join
Argon in thanking Daniel!). And because it's a side issue, I'm simply
trying hard to reach the two or three of you who may have a shade of
interest in some new data that I think may be relevant for debugging the
current implementation.

I have discovered some possible edge-of-the-loop problems with the
string-range() function -- it looks as if, possibly, at some point in
the calculation, the engine forgets that the empty string must match
before the first character and after the last character of the target
element's text:


Another thing is that string-range() doesn't use the string value of the
target element -- it notices the presence of both element nodes (while
it should only notice their content), and non-element nodes (such as
comments, which should be completely ignored but instead are apparently
counted as a single character):


I'm not a C programmer, so this is close to the limit of what I can do.
I hope someone may be interested in looking at the code and seeing if at
least the first issue can be resolved.



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