Re: [xml] About libxml2 and XML 1.1

Hi Liam,

Liam R E Quin schrieb am 22.07.2010 um 00:17 (-0400):
On Wed, 2010-07-21 at 20:35 +0200, Michael Ludwig wrote:

Thanks for your additions and corrections!

Bottom line: don't bother, XML 1.1 is probably irrelevant to you.
One XML expert taught me in his class that XML 1.1 should not be
used, and people shouldn't worry about it. Use XML 1.0 instead.

Please find a different XML expert :-)

Well, I guess I was being imprecise in relating that Canadian expert's
words on the matter. :-) I think he more likely told us not to use 1.1
in the version unless the document uses 1.1 features. Which is what
you're saying as well.

In practice we (W3C) have removed most of the need for XML 1.1 by
releasing XML 1.0 5e. The correct claim is that XML 1.1 should not be
used except where necessary.

Perfect! Thanks!

Michael Ludwig

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