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All you need to know about XML 1.1 in six paragraphs:

* allow usage of the most weird characters on Earth in element and
  attribute names (upgrade to latest Unicode standard version)
* more liberal, open name definition
* IBM mainframe line endings
* control character policy change
* "full normalization" to allow binary comparison of two documents

Bottom line: don't bother, XML 1.1 is probably irrelevant to you. One
XML expert taught me in his class that XML 1.1 should not be used, and
people shouldn't worry about it. Use XML 1.0 instead.

As LibXML2 doesn't claim to support XML 1.1, you shouldn't expect it to

When encountering a 1.1 document, try changing the version number to
1.0. If it still parses okay using a 1.0-only parser, I'd say it's safe
to assume that the document doesn't use any 1.1 features and hence
should not carry the 1.1 version, but the 1.0 version.

Thanks a lot for the quick intro to XML 1.1, I guess that the originator of
the test document just found it nice to use the newest version of the XML
spec instead of 1.0 even if the new features are not needed, I will try
changing the XML declaration and see if that works fine.



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