Re: [xml] inconsistent behavior by "xmlChildElementCount()"


This is my first posting, but I've been using 'libxml2' on Linux for about a year. During some of my recent testing, I've encountered something that appears to be a problem. While parsing what should be a valid XML document from a 'c' program (not "c++), I've found that the "xmlChildElementCount()" function returns an erroneous child element count for certain documents. Below is one such document (I've added line numbers on the left column - these are not a part of the XML document):

1 <?xml version="1.0"?> <methodCall>
2 <methodName>filtermap.add</methodName>
3 <params>
4 <param>
5 <value><string>fname</string></value>
6 </param>
7 <param name="input">
8 <value>
9 <array>
10 <data>
11 <value><string>portid1</string></value>
12 <value><string>portid2</string></value>
13 <value><string>portid3</string></value>
14 </data>
15 </array>
16 </value>
17 </param>
18 <param name="output">
19 <value>
20 <array>
21 <data>
22 <value><string>monitor_portid1</string></value>
23 <value><string>monitor_portid2</string></value>
24 <value><string>monitor_portid3</string></value>
25 </data>
26 </array>
27 </value>
28 </param>
29 <param>
30 <value>
31 <array>
32 <data>
33 <value><int>10</int></value>
34 <value><string>arg1</string></value>
35 <value><i4>100</i4></value>
36 <value>
37 <array>
38 <data>
39 <value><int>1000</int></value>
40 <value><string>hello</string></value>
41 <value><string>goodbye</string></value>
42 </data>
43 </array>
44 </value>
45 </data>
46 </array>
47 </value>
48 </param>
49 </params>
50 </methodCall>

My program places this XML document into a zero-terminated char text buffer and creates a reader for it using "xmlReaderForDoc()". Then I perform a series of "xmlTextReaderRead()" calls to advance my current node to element "<params>" on line 3. I've confirmed I'm at the opening "<params>" node by using function "xmlTextReadName()" to verify. While positioned at node "<params>", I call function "xmlChildElementCount()" and expect to get a child element count of "4" (there are four "<param>" sub-element nodes), but instead receive return count value of "3". I've experimented by changing the number of "<param>" nodes, but get various erroneous counts (always less than the actual count) as long as I have deeply nested "<param>" element sub-nodes. If I replace the "<array>" (deeply nested) nodes with simpler less deeply nested ones, the child node count seems to be returned properly.

This is a real problem for my program.

Any ideas what what might be happening?

Thanks in advance.

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