Re: [xml] Reading only the text contents of an element

On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 03:44:08PM -0700, nkat nkat wrote:

I am using the following code to read the element contents from an xml file.
I just need the text content:

But in the output I get empty lines for those elements which do not
have text content but have child elements in them.
How do i avoid those blank lines from being printed. (I am not able to
compare it with a single newline since for each element i get many
Please help me out.. Ive been trying to figure it out from the past two days.

they *are* part of the document, even if supposedly there only for
formatting, there is no way libxml2 can guess when finding a text
node with blank content whether it's there for formatting/niceness
or if this is user content.
The application programmer i.e. *you* are the only one knowing if
the text node is part of the application data or not. It's your job
to do the filtering, libxml2 can't do that for you.


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