Re: [xml] MSYS and MINGW: undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
On 05/11/09 12:50, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
3. You may alter the output files on Windows, such as naming them
differently (when I last tried, MSYS+MinGW produced a libxml2-2.dll, not
the hoped for libxml2.dll). This is okay. As an orientation: If some
greedy corporation must recompile all their Windows software for the new
libxml2 release, that I don't care about. But if Tor Lillqvist can use
the thing for his GTK and GIMP work without having to tweak it and thus
be able to spend more time with his children, I am all in :)

if we use libtool flag -avoid-version the dll will be created without
version number in name. I propose a patch t

This year issue with patch (use more compatible autotools based build
system for windows hosts) is closed with resolution "Not GNOME" (!).



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